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Benefits of Equine Assisted Therapy

Joseph Bennington-Castro writes:

“Humans and horses have maintained a healthy relationship for millennia — research suggests people first domesticated the large ungulates 6,000 years ago in the western region of the Eurasian Steppe. But far from being the simple beasts of burden or transportation tools they were in the past, horses today have become key players in the mental rehabilitation of many people around the world. “

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Chisholm Challenge 2017

Congratulations to all our riders at Chisholm Challenge 2017!  This year we entered 16 riders and used 8 horses at the show.  It was a great show and everyone enjoyed competing.  For awards in the Equitation Classes we had 4 first places, 4 second places, 4 third places, 2 fourth places and 1 fifth place awards.  Fifteen riders competed in equitation classes and one did trail only.  The trail awards were:  1 first place, 5 second places 2 third places, 1 fourth place, 4 fifth places and 2 sixth places.   Hunter Wallace took first place is both Equitation and Trail and won High Point for his division.  He won two belt buckles, two blue ribbons plus a medal for winning his Division.  This year Chisholm Challenge gave Division winners a $50 gift card to Cavender’s Western Wear.    We want to thank everyone who helped at the show – all of you were wonderful.    Click here for photos.