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Our Testimonials

“As a volunteer for Riding Unlimited, over the past 12 years, I have had the opportunity to watch many disabled children and adults grow and prosper through the efforts of their therapeutic horsemanship program.The experience and dedication of Riding Unlimited’s staff shows through during every session and class. Understanding the rider disabilities, working with their families, and developing goals are not easy tasks, but I have yet to see a rider who has NOT succeeded in making strides towards an independent life through their program.

As an amateur rider and horse owner myself, I know what it takes to maintain a safe and healthy facility for horses. Good horses are the backbone of any therapeutic riding program. Riding Unlimited takes great pride in finding the best horses for their program and keeping them sound, fit, and happy.From the stables to the pastures, arenas, farriers and vets, it is an incredible effort that needs to work like a well-oiled machine in order to succeed.I have remained a Riding Unlimited volunteer for twelve years because I believe in the power and success of the program.”

–Claire Rock, Volunteer

“I have seen firsthand; how riding a horse can help line the spine and teach one’s body movements, even for walking.  When we saw Sarah take her first steps and ask her daddy for a puppy, was when we experienced the amazing effects the horses have had on Sarah. I could not believe it and it simply amazed her doctors.”

~Donna Mason, Parent of a Rider

“Therapeutic horsemanship is a phenomenal treatment modality for our patients with neurological, developmental, and mental health disorders.  The children benefit tremendously from the physical aspects of horseback riding, and also from the horse-rider interactions (for example preparing the horse for riding, feeding the horse, and otherwise caring for the horse before and after the ride).  The kids develop a special love for the horse, which is in itself therapeutic.  I heartily endorse therapeutic horsemanship for our kids.”

~Dr. Steven P. Sparagana, M.D. Pediatric Neurologist, Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children


“Oh my goodness, we were amazed with the beauty of today’s experience.  Chase was so proud. Both he and Atalie were given confidence and such an immediate connection with your horses!  Kudos to your dedicated staff (horses included!).  I can’t praise Ms. Emily enough.  Wow, she’s so intuitive with the kids, the horses, and that connection.  Today was a wonderful day for our family.  The kids loved it.  Phil’s expectations, already high, were exceeded, he admits.  Eva cried with joy.  And I, am so pleased to experience this life changing, and family enriching, opportunity to participate in your program. ”

~Tania, Parent of a Rider